Website Designing

Eteck offer low cost high end website design solutions to fit your budget. Whether you’re starting from scratch or your current site needs a redesign. Eteck can guide you from concept to completion in designing a website for your business. We can custom design a new website, or redesign your existing website with a professional and dynamic perspective. We’re experienced and well versed in the basic building blocks of successful small business websites

Website Development

Eteck develop your website in state of the art technology frameworks that are optimized for efficiency. Whether it requires integrating an API, setting up an online payment portal, we can deliver. Our award winning team is ready to launch your product into the industry. We also specialize in ERP systems, CRM systems and Web portals among other systems.

App Development

Build customer relationships

Yes, your website can also be optimized for a shiny, new app. Apps are easy to use for a customer, and are responsive for multiple platforms such as Android and iOS. Our app development and design team develops a highly optimized app which is easy to browse, purchase and navigate.

Software Development

State of the art software solutions with a hassle free approach. We design ERP systems, CRM systems, databases, management software in the latest frameworks. Our software development team with your idea is a win-win solution, since we provide high quality software efficiently and effectively.


Get the best returns on investment with our E-commerce strategies for your product. We provide payment gateway solutions such as PayPal, online shopping websites in state of the art frameworks, reliable and efficient service. Browse through our portfolio to see

Search Engine Optimization

Make the climb with Top Rankings

Your product needs to be visible in the eyes of the customer. SEO services make that seem simple, by providing your product on the first page of Google Search! Our SEO strategies work across the globe and we understand how to get your product visibility humming.

SEO allows you to build your customer base organically over time, so that you have your sustainable market share. An immediate way of getting consistent traffic is Pay per Click. more.

Social Media Marketing

Unleash your product to the market with Social Media! It’s time to say hello to your customers in a grand manner with lots of feedback, E-commerce sales and followers!

It’s important to target the right customers and project the true brand image! You don’t need to worry about that. At Code Ninja, we have launched and are managing successful marketing campaigns. Your customers want to stay in touch, message you for queries, and get the whole nine yards! We’ve got your back. Our social media team is on top of the game.

Web Hosting

Eteck strives to provide the best web hosting services to their clients. Apart from web development and web design, Eteck supports the clients in making their platforms available to a wider audience. With our impressive web hosting services, clients can enjoy an active server that ensures that their websites never crash and stay live.